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2021 Lights Festival



01 to 31, December: Boats and Flats' Lights' competition.

Marine Canvas Hut is organizing this Festival with the participation of local businesses. This is the fourth edition of the event.

Please register to enter (it's free!), and have a chance to WIN great prizes.


Saturday 18th, December, 5pm: the Illuminated Kayaks Parade will consist, as last year, on decorating our kayaks with festive lights and slowly rowing all the perimeter of South Dock Marina and Greenland Dock together.

We want to celebrate our rich local seafarers history and amazing community. We will be blasting on speakers sea shanty songs.

Festive lights, percussion instruments, stomping your feet and costumes are welcome!!!! Come prepared to have fun and enjoy our community!

For safety reasons, only South Dock marina residents will be allowed on the kayaks. Children are welcome providing there is an adult with them.

Local residents will be able to accompany us on foot.


Sunday 19th December, 5pm: A Night of Carols at the Docks. We will be singing Christmas carols with a choir beside the bridge that overlooks Greenland dock.

Click the PDF icon to download the lyrics.


07, January - 2022: Prize giving gathering at our local pub The Ship and WhaleCANCELLED!! DUE TO COVID. WE WILL ANNOUNCE THE WINNERS HERE AND IN SOCIAL MEDIA. Thank you everyone for participating.

Thanks for participating!!!

Register yourself to participate at the Lights Competition! (and the chance to win great prizes!)

Terms & Conditions


Please, read Terms & Conditions before you register. By clicking the "Register now!" button you agree to "Terms & Conditions" of the competition

NOTE: This is a non profit event. All prizes are donated from generous local business wich are part of our great community.



We would like to thank all the following businesses which donated the competition's prizes. Click on the pictures to reveal the prizes.

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