Luminous Sail Tape, 40mm (Per Metre)

Glowfast Luminous Racing Tape 40mm width. Sold per metre.

The tape automatically illuminates once it gets dark. This allows your trimmers to see all your draft stripes simultaneously, and analyse the entire sail shape at one time without the need for artificial light, offering continuous sail trim with no loss of night vision.


Exceptional luminous properties - Using patented technology Glowfast Racing Tape will glow for up to 20+ hours with as little as 10 minutes exposure to light.


Automatic charging - Charges when exposed to sunlight and will glow for 20+ hours before recharging automatically when next exposed to light. Torch light is also an effective method of charging if required.


Light weight -  Weighing in at the equivalent of conventional draft stripe material and much lighter than reflective tapes.


Durable - Manufactured using the best materials and contains an aggressive outdoor adhesive. If installed correctly Glowfast Luminous Sail Tape will last the life of your sail.


Glowfast Racing Sail Tape is used by the major sailing campaigns globally. These campaigns hold many of the worlds major sailing records. Glowfast is a vital ingredient to these team's successes.


No electricity, cables or maintenance - No Cables or electricity are required. Once installed there is no ongoing maintenance.


A common concern voiced by people unfamiliar with Glowfast Luminous Tapes is that they will allow other yachts to know where they are and what they are doing. This is simply not the case. Glowfast Sailing tapes are only visible for a couple of hundred metres and with a performance increase of up to 20% your competitors won't be that close for long.

(Racing rules of sailing state that navigation lights must be shown in accordance with international regulations).



  • glow in the dark mainsail draft stripes
  • glow in the dark headsail draft stripes
  • glow in the dark spreader markings
  • glow in the dark wheel markings
  • glow in the dark telltale patches
  • glow in the dark sail numbers
  • glow in the dark sail bag labeling

Luminous Sail Tape, 40mm (Per Metre)

SKU: LumTape40
  • Glowfast Racing Tape can be installed onto new and existing sails quickly and easily using the same methods as conventional draft stripes. 

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