Boat enclosures

What is include on all our back deck enclosures:

  • Stainless steel 316 grade frame, fixed to the hull with stainless steel fastenings.
  • Top separated from the sides, back and front panels, which you can take off or roll up/down. Attached with zippers between them.
  • All panels are attached to the boat with snaps and/or straps.
  • With clear fixed windows on both side doors, back and front panels, 
  • Acrylic canvas fabric, on a wide range of colours to chose from.


You can personalise your enclosure with added optional extras:

- Extra windows

- Privacy curtains.

- Zippers on windows to open/roll up

- Sunshade curtains

- Storage pockets


Boat enclosures

  • For more information about different options and how to purchase boat covers, send us an email to or call us: 07594 516177.

07594 516177

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