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South Dock & Greenland Dock Festival - 2022

South Dock & Greenland Dock Festival is a community and non-profit event organised by Marine Canvas Hut, a local marine covers and upholstery business based in South Dock Marina boatyard and very well known for its community involvement.

The 5th edition of the Lights Festival is coming!!!

- From December, 03: Boats Lights Competition.

- 03, December: Tallest floating Christmas Tree in London

- 10, December: Shadow Boxer Theatre

- 17, December: Floating Lanterns and Illuminated Kayaks Parade

- 18, December: A Night of Carols at the Docks

- 6, January, 2023: Prize giving gathering - Boats Lights Competition

Local and marina residents, and businesses are all invited to light up their boats, flats and shops!


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