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COVID-19 - We have made 10,000 visors!!!

Thank you everyone who has been involved and donated to our GoFundMe page.

Initially we wanted to achieve £3000 and we had to move that limit twice! We reached £7422!!

This allowed us to make 10,000 visors for front-line workers. It is a fantastic achievement!

We decided to close our GoFundMe page as the demand for the visors have been dropping, which means, majority of care homes are covered by the hundreds of groups, like us, making visors all over UK, and some receiving proper PPE from the government.

We have at the moment 500 visors to take to front-line workers and materials to make another 1200 visors, which we will store until they are needed. We will keep you updated.

Thank you again for your donations!!! We will continue working. Stay Safe!!

Visit our Facebook page for photos and updates of how we're getting on!


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