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COVID-19 - Marine Canvas Hut's face shields donation

As a result of the great PPE shortage, we decided to produce and donate face masks shields for front-line workers.

We opened a Gofundme page to allow us to buy materials:

We are a small business (Marine Canvas Hut) which teamed up with a group of volunteers making high-quality, yet low-cost protective visors to donate to frontline workers, so they can carry out their vital work to protect us all from COVID19.

Every penny we receive goes towards:

buying the materials we need.

maintaining the machinery we use.

packaging and delivering the items to hospitals and independent healthcare workers.

All donations go only to this cause, to produce the personal protective equipment (PPE) that the healthcare workers who are risking their lives desperately need, to keep themselves and us safe.

We are a group of people who live in the Southwark area, working together in one of our

workshops, producing as many visors as we can with the resources and time we have.

We have many years of experience working with the materials we are using to make the visors - so they are excellent quality.

Visit our Facebook page for photos and updates of how we're getting on!


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